The rapid development of the beverage market has driven the development of the beverage packaging industry, beverage packaging factory has become more and more, and beverage packaging on the market has become diversified. There are not only traditional cans, cartons, and plastic packaging, but also new types of a composite packaging.

However, the rapid development of the market has also brought many problems and challenges. The automation of beverage packaging production lags behind the international level. Most beverage packaging production machines are imported from abroad, the basic technology is weak, and the cutting-edge technology is mostly mastered by others. Also, the development of the beverage packaging industry cannot keep up with the development speed of the beverage industry. A large part of the domestic beverage packaging market is also occupied by international beverage packaging companies. How to face and solve these problems is what should be done at present.

However, in the process of more and more diversification of beverage packaging, we have learned more of the uses of custom printed paper cups , such as advertising and so on, which makes packaging more and more meaningful.