In addition to Animal Crossing bells, there is a new currency introduced in New Horizons. Players can also collect Nook Miles through different tasks in the game, then use the miles to redeem ACNH Nook Miles Ticket. The addition of the nook miles mechanic is aimed to encourage players to try more things throughout the game and get old players who are set in their ways out of their comfort zone

In previous games, you may be too focused on catching an ultra-rare bug worth a ton of acnh bells, instead of catching common butterflies. But Nook Miles rewards the number of bugs caught, now every common butterfly is worth catching

The reward system of ACNH Nook Miles Tickets feels a lot like a mobile game. That's because it was partially designed for fans whose first experience with Animal Crossing was its mobile game version, Pocket Camp

Coming from Pocket Camp to the main series Animal Crossing game is a totally different experience, so Nintendo wanted these mobile players to feel right at home, too. You can buy exclusive Nook shopping items with your miles, you can also unlock new features of the game, such as an expanded inventory, a tool wheel, new hairstyles and hair colors, and terraforming permits

Not to mention you can get Nook Miles Tickets, which enable you to travel to Mystery Islands for extra resources. After you pay off your Getaway package, you'll also unlock ACNH NMT Plus

If Nook Miles is for long-term goals, Nook Miles Plus is for short-term accomplishments, like catching five fish or planting a tree. They're hands-down the most efficient way to farm Nook Miles points

.New Horizons nook miles ticket is a currency that needs 2,000 miles to exchange from Nook Stop

It enables the player to take mystery tours to explore other deserted islands. The islands provide excellent sources of crafting materials, opportunities for new and exotic flora to be collected, meetings with far off villagers who can be invited back to the island of the player, and a weather environment that may vary from that back home

If you have not reserved a plot, or if your island has the maximum number of villagers, there will not be any villagers (10 NPC Villagers). It is possible to receive at least two free Nook Miles Tickets

One is given as a reward by Tom Nook for upgrading from a tent to a home, and is kept at the airport by Orville. Another is sent by post as reimbursement for the inaccessibility of Resident Facilities for a day after it has been converted from a tent to a building