You will have to pick a team formation that best fits your tastes and approach to soccer to be able to influence the game in FIFA 21. So, what are your best strategies to employ following patch implementation in FIFA 21? This guide will help you find the best formations post-patch so you can earn more FUT Champions trophies in FIFA Ultimate Team without using FIFA 21 Coins.

5-3-2 Set Up 

Defensive style: Balanced

Width: 3

Depth: 6

Offense style: Fast Build Up

Width: 5

Players In Box: 7

Corners: 1

Free Kicks: 1 

A five-wide back line has three-centimeter gaps, therefore, for a 3-defender design. Using two strikers does not only enable someone else to be more quickly double up on you, so you, so don't do not use this option. More so than not allowing the ball to roll outside the protective envelope, a principle of high-leverage play is to see whether you can inflate the protective envelope.

Choose radius 6, as it is wider to be less susceptible to this attack but provides sufficient cover for our more direct midfield players to move forward while we're attempting to stop the opposing team's play while still providing adequate protection for our more-field players higher in the center. Rather than sitting back-breaking work, it's tedious hard work. The sitting on the left or right side doesn't really make too much of a difference to the expansion, so you can do as much as back and forth pressing with whatever arm you prefer. This depends on whether you want to go for quick play on defense or long-to-base defense. And, having decided to split the left back and right backs, we only have one open wing in the game. At set pieces and open playcorners, you must show your hand.

Player Instructions

Striker: Stay central, stay forward, get in behind, mixed attack

Central Mid: Balanced attack, cover center, get into the box for cross, balanced crossing runs, stick to position

Centre Back: Stay back while attacking

Full Back: Stay back while attacking, conservative interceptions, overlap

4-3-2-1-3 Formation

The composition of this team is a forward/attacking one. This is a football formation that calls for two strikers, two to be placed centrally, two to be stationed on the midfield, two to sprint back, two to position themselves in the middle, and two to veer toward the sidelines to cover the wink (cinematic player) and then two of them will sprint and run toward the side as far as possible to cover the cinematic player.