With people using Chromebooks, sometimes it can be a little difficult when trying to comprehend how the system works. This is because it does not work the same as other devices do at all. It is also something which comes equipped with its own nuances. This article will highlight how one can copy paste on the Chromebook. This is one of the most common actions done in any device, and it is also able to be replicated in a simple manner. Which is why it needs to be highlighted in simple terms here in this article. Make sure you follow the steps given below.

·         One of the simplest methods which is followed even for standard devices is the method where you first click on control + C, then copy the text. And then Control + V the text and then paste it on the document. However remember that this is a method which is able to retain the same kind of formatting which the original document had in it. So this is something which you should employ when the formatting of both the documents needs to be the same. Even the edit and highlight etc. will be the same version as the previous one.

·         Another method which can be used for this process is the one where you need to run your cursor over the highlighted text, highlight it properly and then click on the cursor trackpad. Once this is done, choose the option which says copy, and then go to the place where it needs to be pasted. Click on the trackpad again and choose the option which says paste. Now move on to editing the document however you would like it presented.

·       It is also suggested that you vary the kind of copy pasting method which you are using depending on the type of text there is. This could be anything ranging from, say for instance if the whole document needs to be copy pasted as a function of this, then it is recommended that one take a screenshot of the document. This would also serve a larger purpose by better saving the information required. This is something which should be done when a very large part of the page needs to be saved or copied from one place to another. Having a screenshot also retains detailed or intricate information concerning anything.

·         You also have the option of enabling copy paste directly onto your device as well. This is something which can be done on the MS office application itself. This is however, something, which can only be done on the web version of the office app. There are also a lot of chrome extensions which are available for the purpose of copy pasting, if the amount of text which is copy pasted has a larger volume than usual. This is something which needs to be externally installed onto the device though. It is however highly suggested for people who’s tasks on a regular basis involve the copying and pasting of texts from various sources. One can look for a number of options within the apps itself and pick the extension accordingly.

·         The method by which you can take a screenshot on a chrome book is also rather simple. You have to click on the control, and then shift and then the windows button. Then drag the cursor over to the entire area which you would want to screenshot. You will then be asked to save it to your device. Make sure that you recall the place where you saved your screenshot, for easier access at a later stage.

Conclusively, the above steps give you a good rough idea on the methods which you can use to copy and paste on your chrome book. For better reference, make sure you implement them and try it. Also bear in mind that the method used will differ according to how it is being used as well. For instance, for better information gathering you should ideally 

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