Has your trip just got canceled, and now you no longer need these flight tickets? Don’t worry. You can withdraw them and even get a refund if you fit into the criteria. You can go to the official American Airlines website and request the cancellation; if you meet the requirements, you can get your refund transferred to your debit or credit card. 

However, what to do if this process is too complicated and nontechnical after making American airlines reservations? You can contact the American Airlines representative and get in touch with one of them. The best time to call them is as early as 8:45 am as they are least busy at that time. Believe us, and a few hours make a huge difference. 

If you cannot contact them due to a long waiting list, you may want to try other mediums to get them, such as live chats and emails. However, keeping in contact with a customer service provider as a priority is better. It is a human tendency to pay more attention to people who are directly in touch with us. 

The customer care representatives may help you booking, rescheduling, or even canceling your flight. They can also guide you on the best ways to get your refund. Follow the steps mentioned below to get in touch with one: 

How To Contact a Customer Service Representative?

  • Open the official American Airlines and hit the “Contact” button. 

  • Fill in the mobile number and the email you wish to receive the code on. 

  • Fill in the code in the text box and move into the next step. 

  • You can now pick the medium of contact to contact one of the American Airlines Representatives. 

What Are The Other Mediums To Contact The Customer Service Representatives?There are two more ways to get in touch with the customer service representatives of American Airlines: 

Live Chats: this is the second-best option to connect with an agent; all you have to do is open the official airline’s website and pick the live chat option under the contact us section. Enter your queries, and within a few seconds, you will be assisted by one. 

Email: This method of contact is ideal if you are in no hurry. All you have to do is write a detailed email explaining your issue with the airlines or you can also check Southwest cancellation policy and wait for their reply. They will get back to you as soon as they see your message. 


Through this article, we tried to explain how you can contact an American airline representative. There are three ways to get one, i.e., phone calls, emails, and live chats. 

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