If anyone could make them sleek and put-together, it's definitely Beckham. For fall they introduced an architectural suit; here there's a cornflower blue suit with the blazer Golden Goose Sneakers cut so it reveals a triangle of midriff or whatever shirt you choose to wear underneath.

Two weeks separate the final day of Paris Fashion Week from the first day of Fiac, the International Contemporary Art Fair, where some 170 galleries set up shop under the same roof. Except this year, that roof was not the sublime, paned glass of www.goldengoosers.com the Grand Palais. At the Grand Palais ephemere, its renovation stand-in, there is no natural light streaming from above. The vaulted hall could be a convention center-or airport terminal-in any major city. But its direct view to the Eiffel Tower sets things straight: an event of this scale in Paris will always feel unlike anywhere else.

Even better, the two already know each other. Korn was a fan of Ziwe's I slid into her DMs. It's marathon season, which means the search is on for the best running shoes for women. After all, it's not only our endurance that carries us through each pounding of the pavement to the finish line but the shoes on our feet.

So if you think about it, it's therapeutic for people who have been ostracized for their small feet, he adds. It's fair to say that patients of Shereene Idriss, M.D.-Emily Ratajkowski, Ashley Graham, and Paloma Elsesser chief among them-would follow her anywhere.

Hudson is selective when it comes to collaborations, but she decided to take on the ambassador role because she'd already been a long-time fan of Weitzman's shoes. A mainstay in her event wardrobe, she's worn them on at premieres, parties, and one memorable talk show appearance.