Last Minute Delta Flights to Barcelona (Spain) With USA Travel Tickets

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Last Minute Delta Flights to Barcelona (Spain) With USA Travel Tickets

Barcelona is a major port city on the Mediterranean Sea and the historical capital of Catalonia. It is the liveliest city in Spain, with the indigenous people considered to be true connoisseurs of music and art.

And Spain in general and Barcelona, in particular, are popular destinations for tourists from the US. Therefore, tour operators offer tours for every taste and budget, and it will not be difficult to find affordable flight tickets to Barcelona.

In this article, we will tell you why to see this city at least once in your life and how to plan a tour with USA Travel Tickets to Barcelona from= the US.

Annual events in Barcelona

The prices for tickets to Barcelona differ depending on the local holidays. If your vacation falls on April 23rd, tour guides will recommend visiting the national Catalan festival of La Diada de Sant Jordi, organized in honor of St. George's Day.

This holiday is somewhat similar to St. Valentine's Day. The Ramblas is filled with roses and books. For couples in love, this day is the best gift: for girls - a rose, for a young man - a book.

Last Minute flight bookings to Barcelona, ​​Spain

Choosing last-minute tours to Spain to Barcelona in the summer, vacationers can visit such traditional holidays as Sant Joan (the holiday of Ivan Kupala), Corpus Christi (the holiday of Corpus Christi), the Greek festival, and the holiday of the Gracia quarter. These days "live" music sounds on the streets, fireworks are lit, dances and treats are organized.

Barcelona landmarks

If you have chosen a tour of Spain, Barcelona is the first city to visit. The historical capital of Catalonia introduces its sights to tourists at every step. These are museums and old churches, monuments and majestic buildings, erected according to the projects of Gaudí.

The Sagrada Familia Cathedral, the Picasso Museum, the Gothic Quarter - these sights are located in the old part of the city and managed to preserve their true Catalan flavor.

The most modern one should include the largest in Europe Shark Aquarium, Camp Nou stadium, where you can watch the game of the best football club in Spain - Barcelona.


What you need to know before Buying a Ticket to Barcelona from Delta Airlines

Spain is closer than, for example, popular Thailand or Bali. Therefore, the cost of a trip to Barcelona is quite affordable. In addition to travel and accommodation costs, include excursion costs in your budget. And take advantage of the tips from experienced tourists, which we have provided below:

- Rent a bike for exploring Barcelona. In this city, there are more than a hundred kilometers of bike paths and many rental offices, where they will help you to choose not only a bicycle but also uniforms for it. If necessary, they will provide a child seat and provide a map of the city.

- Be sure to attend Mass with the indigenous people, during which you can fully experience the spirit of the Catholic religion.

- Check out the city markets. Many of them have been rebuilt in the last decade and are considered works of architectural art. The assortment of market squares is striking in its diversity; here you can see not only souvenirs but also collections of all kinds of sea reptiles.

For more information give us a call at Delta Airlines Reservation Number 1(800) 348-5370- we will find a tour for you that will make you fall in love with Barcelona!

Climate of Barcelona

Last-minute tours to Barcelona are an excellent choice for tourism at any time of the year. This city has a Mediterranean climate.

Spring temperatures (+3 to +18 ° C) are ideal for sightseeing. Summer temperatures (+22 to +27 ° C) will give you an unforgettable experience of relaxing on the city and suburban beaches. The autumn-winter period will delight you with moderate weather (+20 to 8 ° C), with a minimum amount of precipitation.

We recommend booking flight tickets and hotels in advance when traveling to Barcelona. You can save time to enter attractions and avoid long queues. You may also be interested in VeniceFranceGreece.