cup seal labels
Solutions for the special food and beverage markets consist of cup seal labels , which provide cushioning for glass and insulation for food and drink items served hot or cold. This solution is based on a special applicator which differentiates itself with a non-glue solution.
This applicator contributes to total line efficiency with a high machine efficiency and good product quality. The non-glue solution results in a reduction of total costs.

Heat activated labeler
An easy and economical solution for roll-on label technology is based on heat activated glue. On the back of a heat sensitive label, a thermal activation type resin is applied. After the resin is heated and activated (made adhesive), the label is applied to a product in a neatly fashion.
This type of label enables simplified and economical operation of label applicators. Our equipment is based on a special applicator for this kind of label.

Stretch labeler
We developed a specific applicator for the application of both shrink labels and stretch labels. Equipment based on this kind of applicator enables reduction of film thickness. A typical line speed for this kind of equipment is 42.000 Bph.

Spouted pouch equipment
A spouted pouch is a container of a new generation, where a label and a bottle are combined. Fuji Seal has developed a special piece of equipment for the new generation packaging.
This system applies spouts to pouches. A spout is applied to the upper-center or the corner of a pouch in this system.

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