How It Works


ZureyPay is an online platform that anyone can use to make payment to businesses and friends. All these functions can be performed by using your smartphone, laptops and other devices. Our services are very cheap compare to other platforms that charge exorbitant fee for doing little. We provide you with more convenient services and peace of mind. ZureyPay is linked to other services in Zurey ecosystem, in that case, we are your one stopshop for everything, saving you money and time.  

 Below are the step by step explanations on how to use our many functions in the payment system;


 Payment with ZCode or Phone Number or Email.

  • On the Landing Page, select 'Pay Now' or click on the Wallet Icon on the top Right.
  • Select 'Pay Now'.
  • Complete the boxes and select the resonse for payment.
  • Click 'Send'
  • Enter your 4-digits pin.

  To find your Zurey Code (Z-Code):

  • Click on your wallet icon on the top right.   
  • Z-Code is a unique form of identification assigned to individual user or business, you can use it to transfer money, in-store payment, etc. It can also act as your account number and ID.

 -  Add Money to ZureyWallet:

  • On the Landing Page, select 'ZureyPay' or click on the wallet Icon on the top.
  • Click on “Add Money” button.
  • Or
  • Click on your 'Balance" under the wallet icon on the top right.
  • Select a method of deposit.
  • Login into your bank and deposit using our account number or our email.
  • Document amount deposited in ZureyPay.

Donate To Charity:

  • On the Landing Page, select 'ZureyPay' or click on the wallet Icon on the top.
  • Select 'Donate/Charity'
  • Fill the form.
  • Select 'Donate Now'.
  • Fund will be deposited in the recipient's wallet.

Pay Your U.S Bill:

  • Select 'Pay Bill'.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Have the recipient account number, phone number, email, and business name available.
  • Upload the bill/Invoice Copy.
  • Select add 'Add Another Bill' or select 'calculate'
  • Select 'Save and Submit'



This platform can also act as a marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet and transact.


This  platform is made easy for everyone to sell any legal item(s). We have the right to remove any seller who broke our rules. Below are the instructions on how to sell;

  • From the Landing Page, select 'Marketplace'.
  • Select 'Sell Here'
  • Fill out the page. Please upload a clear picture of the item with a detailed descriptions.
  • Please, write your return policy clearly.
  • Select 'Save & add'
  • Also select 'Show on my wall' if you want the product to be displayed of your social network page. In this way, the product can get more views.

To Edit/Delect a product;

  • From the Landing Page, select 'Marketplace'.
  • Select 'My Products'.
  • Select 'Edit' or 'Delect'.
  • Make your corrections and select 'Update'

-  Buyers:

  • From the Landing Page, select 'Marketplace'.
  • Select the product you want to buy.
  • Select 'Add to Cart'
  • You can also perform live chat with the seller by selectin 'Contact Seller'.
  • Select the cart on the top right and click 'Checkout'
  • You can add more proct or just select 'Next Step'.
  • Add your shipping details or pick your address from 'My Contacts'.
  • Complete your checkout process and continue shopping.

- Our Marketplace policies are as follows;

  •  Appeal a decision: If an item you posted was rejected by us because it did not meet our standard, you have the right to appeal our decision via writing.
  • The followings are prohibited; Illegal prescriptions and recreasional drugs, tobacco products, human body parts, alcohol, real or virtual or fake currency, misleading product description, animals, discrimination, adult services, weapons or explosives or ammunition, unsafe supplement.



  • Click on the Messenger icon.